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The Magical All-In-One Grow Bag

The Booming Acres Magical 5lb Mushroom Grow Bag is a pre-prepared, sterile, mushroom grow bag bag that contains a balanced mixture of 2.5lbs of grain and 2.5lbs of substrate.
This particular mix of grain and substrate is designed to provide an ideal environment for growing various varieties of mushrooms, medicinal and gourmet alike!
The Magical 5lb Mushroom Grow Bag comes equipped with an injection port and a .2 micron air filter. The injection port is designed to allow for easy and sterile inoculation of the bag with genetic material, such as spores or liquid culture, which the customer will need to provide separately. The injection port enables the customer to introduce their genetic material without compromising the sterile environment of the bag. After injecting the customer withdraws their needle and the rubber port seals itself, no tape or sealant required! The .2 micron air filter ensures no contaminants can enter the bag but allows air exchange to take place. The .2 micron filter is the smallest filter available for mushroom grow bags on the market. 
The Magical 5lb Mushroom Grow Bag is packaged after being sterilized in our industrial autoclaves. This is an essential step, as it ensures that the bag is free from any unwanted microbes that could potentially compete with the mushroom mycelium or cause contamination. With nothing living in the bag, the only thing that will grow inside of it is what the customer adds. We batch track our shipments to ensure that any contamination issues that arise can be addressed. In over 20,000 bags sold, we have yet to have a batch issue occur!
After inoculation the customer should place the bag in a suitable environment for mushroom growth. We recommend any area with temperatures between 70-75°F. Over time, the mycelium will colonize the grain which will then need mixed into the substrate layer. We recommend doing this after around 50-75% colonization has occurred. After mixing, the bag can be left to complete colonization, then it will begin to fruit 1-2 weeks after being fully colonized. We include an instructional insert which includes a brief summary of each step and points the customer to our website for a more detailed guide which includes pictures of each step.
Our bags come with complete customer service. Any customer issues can be directed to us, either by phone, email, Instagram, or website chat. If a customer has a question, feel free to direct them straight to us as the instructional insert in the packaging directs as well. These bags come with an instructional video link, on a sticker right on the bag! The Magical All-In-One Grow Bag instructions are easy to follow, explain every step, and make growing super simple for even the most novice of growers. 
Absolutely simple! Our product is the easiest way for anyone to grow mushrooms. Even with the simple steps, no instructions are needed for customers, the bottom of the box explains how to use the product and the insert in the box has more detailed steps, and also tells customers to check our website for even more detailed instructions. Any customer questions can be directed straight to us, no instructions from the store necessary. 
If you have any questions regarding our product please feel free to reach out! We are happy to schedule a virtual product demonstration, answer any questions via email or phone call, or set up a purchase for you!
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