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The Magical 5lb All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag

The Magical 5lb All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag


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Grow 3+ OUNCES of usable mushrooms! Per bag!

These bags ship with alcohol pads, instruction insert, and stickers!

All in one mushroom grow bag including injection port, 2.5lbs of hydrated and sterilized grain and 2.5lbs of sterilized coir+vermiculite+gypsum substrate! Perfect for whatever genetics you choose to purchase from another vendor (not included!). These bags are perfect for your favorite manure/dung loving varieties of mushrooms!

Substrate now includes AZOMITE! Find out how strong this nutrient packed additive is for your mushrooms! Make your harvests and your mushrooms BOOM!

Colonize in the bag, fruit in the bag! All you need to do is inject your choice of genetics, wait for colonization to occur, mix with your substrate, then fruit!

We use high quality ingredients! The best coir, locally sourced grains, bags made in Texas, Azomite for additional yield and potency. We also prepare all of our materials before they are bagged, no bagging machines, no ‘no prep’ grains, all of our materials are made using the most efficient methods for producing HIGH QUALITY products, compared to other vendors who make their bags trying to get high PROFITS.

Amount grown depends on variety and the genetics used (not included, check our affiliates page at the bottom for genetics options).

Additional information

Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 in

4 reviews for The Magical 5lb All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bag

  1. Gay Cosmic

    This review has no content.

  2. Randy G

    I received my product about a week and a half ago. Since inoculation a week ago I have seen tremendous growth, and my harvest is looking closer than I first predicted. I highly recommend this company to any new growers! Will update after my first flush!

  3. Dave Vazquez

    I really love these bags! I’ve tried many others and these have been the most reliable for me. The other more important factor is their customer service is great! I had an issue with shipment of my order and they responded fast to make sure my issues were taken care of. I highly recommend this company and product.

  4. Jack (verified owner)

    oh, my, God. are the only words that can describe how amazing this grow bag is. I have never in my time seen such growth explode all over a bag. 10/10 please never stop making them the way you do, they’re PERFECT and produce multiple flushes. Do not walk to your credit cards for this one, run to it.

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