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3lb Oops Bag Sterile Grains – Read Description

3lb Oops Bag Sterile Grains – Read Description


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This listing is for 3lb bags that do not meet our quality expectations. Whether it’s debris in the bag that we don’t want to see, crushed bags from too much weight on them in/out of the autoclave, or a mistake during production causing over hydrated grains somewhere in the bag, we just don’t want to sell these bags for full price. We do not offer a selection of grain on these bags, we pack what we have when these are in stock, we list how many we have in stock when we have them. If you order multiple you might get a mix, you might get all the same types, it’s a toss up!

All of these bags include an injection port and a .2 micron filter. We do not offer our standard warranty for these bags! No returns or refunds for these!

3lbs of well hydrated grains. No need to spend days waiting to see if you hydrated or sterilized your grains properly, we did all that work for you, honing in on the perfect procedures! Fruit directly in the bag, or add to our substrate (for best results!). These bags may not look perfect, but they are sterile, they have all sat for a minimum of 2 weeks before we list these.

Perfectly hydrated (maybe a bit too much for some of these ones!) using tried and true methods crafted over our 15 years of growing mushrooms. These grains work for ALL types of mushrooms!

Roughly 3 quarts of sterilized grain, in a bag designed for growing mushroom mycelium. Heat sealed, preventing contaminants.

*We do not accept any liability for your use of this product. All sales final. Any issues with products are handled on an individual basis*

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