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30lb Pack of 3lb Mushroom Corn Sterile Grain Bags

30lb Pack of 3lb Mushroom Corn Sterile Grain Bags


30lbs of well hydrated mushroom corn sterilized and ready to use. Great for growing all mushrooms. Prepared in a mushroom grow bag, inoculate and wait then mix with our substrate for best results!

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10x3lb corn bags, with or without injection ports. This is a BULK listing, 10 bags for the price of 8!

30lbs of well hydrated corn split into 10x3lb bags. No need to spend days waiting to see if you hydrated or sterilized your grains properly, we did all that work for you, honing in on the perfect procedures! Fruit directly in the bag, or add to our substrate (for best results!). Mushroom grow bag includes a filter to allow general air exchange during colonization.

This type of grain is perfect for Lions Mane, Oysters, or any manure loving varieties you can think of!

Each bag contains roughly 3 quarts of sterilized grain, in a bag designed for growing mushroom mycelium. Heat sealed, preventing contaminants. Mushroom grow bags can include injection ports for injectable media, or skipped for others.

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3 reviews for 30lb Pack of 3lb Mushroom Corn Sterile Grain Bags

  1. cornisgreat

    i’d buy these again corn is the best for growing and the owner was super helpful with some questions about my mushroom bags

  2. XPG

    I usually get 5lb bags but decided to get 3s. These worked exactly the same but colonized faster. Soem fo the grains are dark but ‘ve grown a few times so I know it doesn’t matter. Great corn my mushrooms love it!

  3. Shane

    Fantastic in every way with no issues for growing. Would highly recommend!

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