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70mm Potato Dextrose Yeast Extract Agar Colored Agar Cup 60 Pack

70mm Potato Dextrose Yeast Extract Agar Colored Agar Cup 60 Pack


Potato dextrose with yeast extract agar, perfect for all types of mushrooms. Watch your ropey mycelium come to life, check for contaminants, prepare material for transfers, this is the agar for you!

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This is a discounted listing for 60 cups!
The bottoms of these cups are roughly 70mm wide.

Our own agar formula including potato dextrose, lab grade yeast extract, lab grade agar, and a blend of sugars. Our recipe ensures high quality agar that is see through! Hand poured in front of our flowhoods to ensure sterility. Cups are sold as air tight and water tight, they are shrink wrapped in packs of 5 then vacuum packed in sets of 15.

Our cups are poured and sealed in such a way that little to no condensation forms. These cups will remain condensation free if stored at room temperature. This makes it very easy to look inside and ensures that condensation is not dripping onto your mycelium as it grows.

We use a process similar to petri dish companies to sterilize our cups and packing materials both before and after pouring, to ensure that our materials are sterile. This is not something hobbyists are able to do as it requires expensive equipment.

Can be ordered with or without antibiotics (used to slow bacterial growth), packs are typically in various colors. Antibiotics are recommended when working with new genetics, especially spores those sold by newer vendors. Antibiotics will slow the growth of bacterial contaminants, allowing your mycelium to out grow any contamination giving you more clean material to transfer.

These cups are made to order, if you want a custom color feel free to message us or leave a note on your order!

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6 reviews for 70mm Potato Dextrose Yeast Extract Agar Colored Agar Cup 60 Pack

  1. Shea Dejuan

    This review has no content.

  2. Maximus Santanna

    Completely recommend this item and the seller. There was a small problem with my order, not their fault or mine, and they worked it out with me.

    Customer service is very important and they are awesome at it!

  3. Marion Townsend

    Great product and service I would recommend definitely!!

  4. Jaden Chris

    Howard is “my-guy” for anything, mycology. He knows so much. His agar is unlike any others. He uses antibiotics to cut out contamination.
    I have had no contamination using his “Blagar”. Then he vaccum seals everything so that you are ready to go from mail to lab.
    His agar is very good! I’ve never seen mycelium rip through so fast.
    Amazing customer service. Howard is extremely helpful, patient, and is willing to make custom orders.
    His substrate is very unique too. Can’t wait to try more. You will NOT be disappointed. 10-stars Howard!!! I’ve ordered from him twice and both times he’s custom made my order specifically before leaving for vacation. AND he always throws me extras.
    I can’t say enough about how positive of an experience I’ve had with Howard.

  5. Michelle Pace Bozeman

    Awesome product. Good price. Will buy again.

  6. Emilia Chris

    Howard is such a great vendor. I had some concerns and he helped me out probably more than he needed to. If i could give him 10 stars I would! Keep it up man, I appreciate everything you did for me!

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