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"Booming Acres Guide On Keeping A Clean Space"

Be Clean

“Booming Acres Guide On Keeping A Clean Space”

Best way to avoid having to have big cleaning days is to clean as you go. That means every couple days do a cleaning rotation. Wipe your work surfaces daily. Clean your sink area every other day. Wipe down shelves once a week. Every other Thursday clean out your supplies. Make sure supplies are filled up. Toss old genetics you don’t need. It’s tough sometimes when you make 3 plates of genetics with a transfer only to throw them out when you’ve gotten 3 more plates of a future transfer, but trust me, you don’t need to let those genetics pile up, you’re just making more clutter for yourself! Move things around to make sure there’s nothing hiding. Empty out your storage bins. Get an in room air purifier with a changeable filter, just to give yourself some peace of mind (and to keep track of in room spore load). If using a humidifier it’s a good idea to clean it with vinegar every quarter. Change your HVAC filter frequently. I recommend every 3 months max. It’s not prohibitively expensive and good for your health. Use a high MERV rating, the highest you can go without restricting your HVAC’s intake, you don’t want to damage your unit. 
Get a hand pump spray bottle. Get a bottle of bleach. Get a bottle of ammonia based cleaner (Incide is great and affordable). Make up a 10% bleach solution, spray EVERYTHING. Don’t have exposed wires, turn off your power strips, don’t spray your outlets, don’t spray inside your tubs themselves. Be cautious, but be generous with your spraying! Wipe it all up or you’ll be left with a soapy feeling on everything, and a white dust. After you’re sure everything is dried from the bleach, hit everything with the ammonia based cleaner (DO NOT MIX WITH THE BLEACH. Never mix stuff with bleach, pretty much anything but water turns bleach extra poisonous). Let it sit a minimum 20 minutes, then you can either let it dry, or wipe it clean. I’ve done both, Incide dries pretty clean but again can have a bit of a soapy film. I usually aim to wipe it dry after 20 minutes, just going past everything with a clean towel. This gets the chemical off your work surfaces, and it also cleans off any dust, mold spores, and any crumbs that have fallen while you work. That’s it as far as cleaning goes honestly. Vacuum before hand, get any large particles out of the grow area, hair, dust, any grains or fruits that have fallen on the floor, all that. If you’re working in a carpeted area, vacuuming is pretty important, carpets hold a lot of unwanted stuff in it. If you’re working on a hard floor, it’s a good idea to mop every now and then, maybe once a month. It’s also a good idea to get your floor with your sprays, and use a fresh towel to wipe those clean if you’re not looking to mop. 
Don’t buy into shortcuts like trying to hang a UV-C light and just leave that running every night. It won’t do what actual cleaning will do. Passive cleaning is alright, but don’t rely on it. You need to actively clean, and I’ve found it’s best to do so on a schedule. 
Something a lot of people forget about is insects and small invaders. It’s worth the couple cents to hang a yellow sticky paper from the ceiling in your grow area, again just for peace of mind. If you never find a gnat/fungus fly on your sticky paper, you’re safe. If you do find a few, it might be time to do a full reset….
Full resets are never fun. At the very least if you’re experiencing a fungus fly infection, you’ll need to throw out all colonizing and fruiting projects. Fungus flies can be difficult to handle with mushrooms because the things that repel them can also harm mushrooms and mushroom growth. Best way to deal with it, throw everything out. Start fresh. At the very most, if you’re dealing with an infection of your genetics, start fresh. Throw away all your genetics and start over from new clone material or clean slants. Sterilize all your work tools. That means all your reusable scalpels either toss them, or autoclave them, your scissors same thing. Replace your flow hood filter. New gloves, new face masks, everything. Everything else, bleach, dry, ammonia, dry. Then repeat, bleach, dry, ammonia, dry. If using work towels, run them in the washer with bleach. Clean inside your dryer even! It’s never harmful to be too clean, especially if you’re fighting against something that spreads such as verticilum or pseudomonas. 
Overkill beats underkill when it comes to cleaning. You don’t want to strip the paint off your walls, but you don’t want to leave spores hanging out in the corners. Be efficient and be thorough. 
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